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Virtual Dreams

Date Written: October 29, 2017


She’s a princess, a flower,

A graceful, alluring being, lovely to the skin.

I’m a human disaster, a being of war,

A monster of killing and seas of

Darkness omitting every shore.


She holds beauty and power,

Me; to the core, I’ve worlds of sadness akin

To the depths beyond, but I swore

To stay by the one I loved.

She’ll come maddened, but what for?


You stray to her and you ignore

Me; the shadow that follows. Therein

Lies the whisper in the wind that bore

Seas of sorrow and I turned away.

I was triumphed. She smirked with vigor.


From the hurt I do cower.

I wish I’d never feel this way again, for within

My heart I knew no more

That you’d ever chose me over

Her, the princess, awoken in full galore.


For nothing am I but the midnight hour

That every second does quicken

Until the moment you look before

Your eyes and see a her realness over my fading

Light and forget me forevermore.

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Image Virtual Dreams  She’s a princess, a flower, A graceful, alluring being, lovely…
by Javesque
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