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“the most pure love is the love without hope”

Date Written: October 29, 2017

"the most pure love is the love without hope"

Pure yet impossible love is an integrated harmony
Never needs any proof to appreciate the season
The most pure love is the love without hope of illusion
Love needs not speak volumes.being aware of ahead
Never needs a happy ending laced with sweet poison

Everything you touch with pure love belongs to you
Without wrinkles and scars as darkness ascends over lake
Greatest gift of pure love is rosy, cozy and glorious calmness
Frees from a harum-scarum shadowy lust of drug addiction 
Make you pure sacred flower within the hearts of all you meet.

Dog's love is second to mother's love beneath the surface
But platonic love is the supreme uncaged surging waterfall
Real currency of daily happy life is a sunray in darkness
Pure love never decreases or increases by a push button
And never let your heartburn in a distance of potion and pills

Kindness is the fragrance of pure love to remove royal pains
Without expecting and reacting but carefully replacing the lid
Pure love is a treasure of a cherished child caring the tears
Pure spiritual sacred love is an elegant honor of the society
To each drop of water, flower, and art of ease and force power

~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~
Pic courtse;;;The Love Painting of Sobha Singh

3 comments on ““the most pure love is the love without hope””

  1. Spiritual Honey 108     October 29, 2017

    Yes. Yes. Good. Superb .

    As in Katha Upanishad :-

    “As pure water poured into pure water remains the same, thus, O Gautama, is the Self of a thinker who knows.”

    Excellent purity.

  2. Subhashchandra B Adhav     October 29, 2017

    Wonderful elaboration upon pure love!!
    Excellent share!!
    Well done Jawahar!!

  3. Uma Natarajan     November 5, 2017

    Grand memorable epic

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