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Date Written: September 10, 2017

The Earth was virgin when the Tarzan lived in the woods
Sky laughed while peeping through clouds of gray hoods
Then came army of heroes to die for you free from all lies
They fought for right with stunning power of shining eyes

They never lie who are true to themselves like self-reflection
Affairs become a song of life in need to become a perfection
Voice of Crowds become as own family as a stage attraction
Silence of dumb, deaf and, even blind know true connection

Fire born moods in glacier gives red eyes to weeds smoker
All play their true games of lies in Politics, Poker and Joker 
Every time summer passes, the winter become cold to colder
So be true to yourself my liar mind to wear a peaceful choker

~~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~

3 comments on “” TRUE LIES””

  1. WarForPacifism     September 10, 2017

    That’s the first poem I read on this site; it gave me chills and I am glad I came here.

    1. Jawahar Gupta     September 11, 2017

      Deep gratitude for your excellent review, and thank you very much for loving the poem,
      There are so many good poets on this site, you will love to read their work also,

  2. Lennox Joseph Lewis     September 17, 2017

    Really nice to have found your workover here

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