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Repair and Fear

Date Written: November 5, 2017

Repair and fear





                                                                                            Up there the air is so clear and dear sincere without fear

Down there it is fear in much despair with constant compare of unclear repair

Up there in the clear it is there of the door to the stairwell of galore

Down there it is the reoccur of fear despair is the premier of the unclear war with constant compare

Up there from the chandelier in the castle in the air it leads to somewhere where

Down there for the progress of repair of great refer that occurs to go for the secure rapport to restore the defer

Up there the aware of the tear is rare and flying mere in the light air

Down there to declare the assure to conquer the prepare

Up there the nightmare is elsewhere and taken care of the compressed air with the fear of the bare stare

Down there to impair the lord’s prayer for the welfare of love and care

Up there in the arctic air with the polar bear wear and tear from the solitaire affair with a puff of air the artic hare took a dare from the frontier of the fear and despair with great care like an extraordinaire

Sincerely anonymous

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