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Aberration of Time

Date Written: September 29, 2017

‘How did she get a perfect score!’, he states puzzled

for she cheated they all ruled sententiously

An ? of poetry, was the trick question

I could answer this in my sleep

and still get a perfect score fools

if they only knew the truth, that an

aberration of time will know all the answers

for it is locked in the granularity of stardust

that constitutes her soul!


Assailed with the kaleidoscopic memories

of that perfect summer season spent

crafting boats made out of twigs and leaves

the deafening laughter of the children subsides

and becomes mute while thrust in blackness

in a vacuum of sorts, is this a ruse?

the children’s muse to locking me in the cellar

for winning again I reason


A Beast made out of darkness, in a seething

amorphous ever growing mass, with

emerald glowing eyes adorned in

suffering and degradation, summons me

it was a horrible darkness, riven with screams and pain

pinioned by a cocoon of light, I adhere not

to its beckoning, after waking up in

a hospital room from a state of comatose

I realized that this was Its reckoning


A burnt gnarly face sits alongside me

I gaped in awe at his face still on fire and no one

is perturbed by his gross appearance

Ah, only I see the likes of you and hear the Wings as cymbals

I don’t scare easily for I have seen Darkness first

a blood thirsty Curse that I bowed not to

this burnt creature, a son he has alive

soon to die of a drug overdose

find him I must , I was charged with

and put an end to his lust

Michael was saved, after much debate

a saint he emerged, helping teens with drug problems


I warned them not to sit out in the dark

for it was the night of the exorcisms

as usual they heed not and the

Priests ritual had begun, casting out the demons

she stood over the sleeping girl

with white long hair and wrinkled face that

would make a prune look more beautiful

‘Sleep, I can’t take you’, she whispers

into a sliver of white mist she transforms

to fuse with the sleeping girl

worry not, you will not last, as the next exorcism

out you will be cast!


I slept restlessly, clutching my sides in an iron-like vice

something claws at that which grows inside me

all electrical appliances short out, with only

red raw marks as evidence of a battle fought

he was born healthy, happy and full of light

a knife is suspended in mid air over his sleeping

frame, as the minion of Darkness were dispatched again

to claim one of my own with the picture frame

as its portal, spewing out flies as an accompaniment


A match I lit and sage I hurriedly burnt

to buy me time before the knife is yielded

whence this knowledge springs from I know not

I smell the frankincense  and hear the cymbal

‘I caste you into Darkness, never to return’, I chant deliriously

the cymbal as wings I hear, ascends, leaving me with one

less demonic wraith to defend against

My children slept peacefully so, for twenty four years, while

I watch over them and Everyone with a smile

One comment on “Aberration of Time”

  1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     September 29, 2017

    Stunning and wonderful write Jessica !!
    Effective poem !!
    Well done!!

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