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Date Written: September 28, 2017

I fell into the King Cobra pit

looking for my Grandfather who

was the officiating Priest

my eyes turned to white orbs

The Deity that they prayed to

had wrapped her charges around my

small lithe like frame, ready to kill

my dead carcass was lifted out of the pit

once the snakes receded to their holes

my soul was regrettably in tact


 ‘She will not be allowed to train at the temple’, she raged with the Priest

Big, nasty spirit with a permanent frown plastered on her face

she wore as her majestic crown

News of the girl who survived  the snake pit

had spread like wild fire

it was her dire need to crush this little girl


The Matriarch was my grandmother’s sister

two brothers had wed two sisters

Both families merged to rule the village

My Grandfather as the chosen Head,

only to lose his beautiful, sweet, kind bride

leaving that monstrosity in charge instead


We stood in front of Mother

having returned from the ceremony

two smelling awful with mess down their legs

begs for leniency since gluttony was their undoing

yellow demarcations become the fad on the roads

since these two messed all the way home, unwittingly

she looked at the one with only white orbs visible

appearing catatonic, only to be advised by the Matriarch

that it was pure witchery and beseeched her to burn me


I could sense evil since birth

as we played at the lake, trying to pee upright

curiosity being the precursor to how boys pee’ed

I led the demonstration

a boomerang was hurled violently

knocking two flat on their face in admonition

I got away and

I always got away from the Devil


Complaining bitterly to anyone who would listen

of how her daughter suffered, being married to an illbred

the dread of her infrequent visits to my dilapidated home

 ‘Why did she marry beneath her?’, I inquired with temerity

Did you not teach her to be a Lady?

I climbed up the tallest tree

where the boomerang could not reach

and stayed there till nightfall


Old and senile, as time marched on, no one went to her aide

I fed her, changed her diapers and held her frail hands

I even strapped on her sandals:  boomerang

In her mind, being totally senile, she couldn’t

recollect who I was that helped her so kindly

Yet she did then see the Light the Priest spoke off

when he requested I train at the temple

and she had died peacefully,

with the vision of an Angel!

3 comments on “BOOMERANG”

  1. River.Ophelia     September 28, 2017

    intriguing and unique piece of writing
    I enjoyed reading it , thanks Jessica

  2. Subhashchandra B Adhav     September 28, 2017

    A poetic story of its kind having deep meaning!!—-Nice description—–A well crafted piece !!——Enjoyable to have read through it ——Magnificent share —Well done Jessica!!!

  3. JessicaMars     September 28, 2017

    Thank you both…I’m sure she is smiling in Heaven down on us right now – watch out for the sandals though as she had a mean throw 🙂

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