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Date Written: September 27, 2017

“Take this coin and buy a comb!’, he rants in class

You make me sick, was his affliction

If he could hurl a brick with that confession

it would be a deflection, not the least injurious

big silent green eyes sat and took in the worse

life had on offer, adorned in a thick skin,

a curse I shall be, mitigated my sharp mind


To stay away from their cruelty which was

a ritualistic norm to endure daily

I took refuge in the Library with the

only friends I know: Shakespeare, Dante, Wordsworth

as life spiraled on in my cloak of invisibility-

love notes were passed in haste,

date were made with the promise of

holding hands and making it to first base

I was invincible for I never got picked:

Not in sports, not on the debate team and definitely

not when the entire class got picked for the concert


A din ensued, making the class rambunctious

with all their homework piled on my desk

to be completed before school ends

It was the school Ball and he didn’t have a date

All the pretty girls were taken

for he was too late with his requests

His reputation as the dashing, gallant school Captain

was shaken  and would go down in the annals of history

as the ‘Captain who failed’ brutally

‘It was an utter sin to ask Ugly Duckling’, he lamented ruefully


Factually, I never accepted his request

Actually, I tore up the invite and

shoved it down his big mouth

Ugly and feisty was my reputation

I was ordered by the teacher with the comb fetish

to attend the Ball to save the Captain from damnation


A blue dress was hastily picked out

and I will not iron it nor match that twit

not paying much attention to the dress

for the hair was the arduous  mess

I walked down the stairway of my home,

everyone gathered in stone cold silence



I walk out to my Date in the driveway

honking the horn of his car like a donkey

he almost falls on the ground scrambling to

get out his car, to open the damn door

with his jaw ajar



We enter the Ballroom with echoes

of our names being announced

Utter silence greets us at the top of the stairs

with pairs of eyes looking up, it must be my Captain’s cologne

No laughter, No spit balls , No one dared to move

Welcomed Change!


Having to compose myself, I ducked into the Powder Room

I never look at myself in the mirror when I groom

my make over will be my doom!

A girl walks in after me: ‘WOW’

I jump with a fright for I know it must be a delayed

response from everyone, and the games might be afoot now

She states before departing, ‘When I grow up, I want to be as beautiful as you!’

and that the Captain was waiting

for the most beautiful girl, his date, to dance with


My reflection in the mirror as I gazed upon it for the first time

plus a ‘Wow’



5 comments on “COMB”

  1. Joeys Wonder Girl     September 27, 2017

    Awesome story !! Sooo lurved the theme !! 🙂

  2. JessicaMars     September 27, 2017

    The teacher with the comb obsession was bald This poem is funny now but painful to live through… thank you

  3. Joeys Wonder Girl     September 27, 2017

    Hehehehe, super share tho !! 😉

  4. Subhashchandra B Adhav     September 27, 2017

    Comb —)
    Wonderful poem–
    Excèllent wotķ

  5. Subhashchandra B Adhav     September 27, 2017

    Well done Jessica!!

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