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Date Written: October 1, 2017

My roley-poley Buddha sleeps and

dreams, with his brown satin PJs

wrapped around her neck like a noose

and curly black hair is infused with her drool


Little Goose is busy preparing tea

to be taken with Mum, Bushy and Joey

Joey, her pet, utterly ignores the tea and

a bee line for the clover he makes

Her presences is like a cathartic mood lifter

which binds us together as a gifted family,

all blessed in a beautiful mess


They were never present when the arguing

occurred, always protected from its ugliness

I deterred our heated exchanges for when

they were away on visits 


The more success we attained: own business,

cars, houses, holidays, two kids

the more destructive they grew,

a family used to taking what they want

due to pride, arrogance and affluence

wanted my eldest child as I had two girls

their thirst for my daughter, at our ruination

was a culmination of seven years of bitter

feuding, with a divorce being eminent


His influence was to protect his family

from them and he never rose to the challenge

he joined forces with them using my sickness

as a justification to take away my child


Playing quietly in a corner, Buddha sat

munching on her books she had

already read, soon asleep on her mat

The argument flares up once again

to the coral I look to draw my zen from,

to keep my anger at bay, whispering softly


Pitter patter, up she rises awoken by

her father’s heightened rage

to cage his abusive tendencies

before she witnesses my humiliation and

degradation, at the price of a happy home,

I pay for daily, I hoist the coral and smack

him with it, rendering him stunned


She bore witness and understood

where the blame should reside

for she slept with his satin PJs daily

even long after we had departed

The coral is not to claim fame

over our family's dissolution


Protect You I will,

Love You I will

Still, my Will is not yet done!

One comment on “CORAL”

  1. River.Ophelia     October 1, 2017

    excellent work
    thanks for share Jessica…

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