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Date Written: September 20, 2017

As a diamond is formed when subjected to intense pressure

it symbolizes affluence and affection,

it is the toughest mineral on earth

to relate a similar metamorphosis in human form

as we walk in the steps of this treasure


She craved for a mum, a dad

maybe a friend, companionship,

maybe a modicum of happiness

It was not to be for a child of a lesser God

the lines appeared to be disconnected

for she prayed and was deemed odd.


Though she was never tearful nor succumbed to self pity

looking outwardly, she sees happy families,

happy couples, happy lives, happy, happy

she had to snap out of it and pray for some patience


Hoping to get a family of her own

believing in the very essences of true love

it was a disaster with an overbearing mum

the unaccommodating family, pious and cruel

her marriage soon broke, suffocating the hopes of a family



Three depleted souls moved into an empty home

to start anew with three spoons, three cups, plates and a blanket

she worked three jobs, 7 days a week only to reach home by 8

to feed her hungry two with a promise that she will eat late

as slumber overcame them, a glass of water she consumed

to quell her hunger and resume her night job


Overlooked at work for many opportunities

due to the color of her skin or being female

No one extended her the courtesy nor latitude

unless some gratitude in amorous cravings were shown first

she appeased not those cravings and quenched her thirst

with the hopes that life would get easier with the passage of time


when she let her guard down and trusted another

hoping to provide a father for her two

two became three to feed and he left

her cravings of a happy home turned

to nightmarish ravings


Under intense pressure, the toughest soul was forged

and raise them she did, entirely on her own

raise them to love and respect

raise them in a happy home

raise them to be affluent and

she never failed to praise them


She emerged triumphant , more beautiful

kind, full of love and with jubilation in her heart

as she had attained her cravings

through tears, sweat, prayer and pleas

only to bleed from abject disappointment


Was this her atonement that turned to success?


One comment on “Cravings”

  1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     September 20, 2017

    Cravings——Finally her atonement turned to success—-Yes! surely we can say !!
    Three depleted souls moved into an empty home—-Nice and pivotal line of the poem—
    Wonderful theme—-Captivating narration—Well done Jessica !!!

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