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Deja vu

Date Written: October 27, 2017

I dreamt of Stonehenge

old black stones ominous,

gathers the seven of the Order

adorned in brown sack clothes

two converse to the side in urgency,

as the younger weeps in uncertainity.


I ponder, as they disappeared

upon a rock he gazes, trying

to find the answers for his latency

he stands before a man in white

to plead with all his might,

a familiar person to me, who,

according to reincarnation laws

had ascended to the Heavens,

the soulless yearns for a heart

as he confesses, a vision is revealed

wearing white and black roses

who would restore and

make him whole if he

her heart stole.


Bold, yet cold, for  life

had robbed him of his success

when he plunged to sudden death

from the twelve story block

losing his soul when he was

spared, to live so as the rock

he held onto for solace.


He stood at the top in shock

as she approached, white

and black rose colored dress worn,

drenched in our insatiable fervor

only the rock I proudly adorn

for my heart was won the day

we met, impressed by

the resurrection of his soul

as a recollection of his story

unfolds, like deja vu.





4 comments on “Deja vu”

  1. elvis sinatra     October 27, 2017

    A piece so reverberating
    deserves a very high rating!

  2. JessicaMars     October 28, 2017


  3. River.Ophelia     October 28, 2017

    beautiful flow, beautiful write
    Stonehenge is indeed impressive in reality 🙂
    loved this, Jessica

    1. JessicaMars     October 29, 2017

      Stonehenge – only saw it in my dreams and he met with his grandfather there on holiday before he sought my grandfather’s favor in prayer 🙂 Stranger stuff keeps happening and I live in a world, apart…utterly lonely and thank you for the appreciation 🙂

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