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Date Written: October 2, 2017

Behold her, single in the playground,

a solitary mess that maybe a child!

playing and singing by herself;

Stop here, and let my story be told,

in winter-time from this melancholic soul,

school being a foul experience-

a new grade, a new teacher and

new found miseries unfolds


Fresh vegetables, in short supply, he yearns

as winter burns energy like a furnace

a journey to his friend's farm he took

only to look at a familiar solitary Discard

to class she marched, all hunched

and forlorn, dreading the start

A book he passed in class

read it she must, all three pages

this is a grade 5 book, not writ for grade 2

the laughter this new torture would bring

or Not!

The ‘Mariner’s Daughter’ in Spring  doth she read

at two years and every six months thereafter


Up and Up she flew where the highfliers sat,

from group ‘F’ to Group ‘A’ she grew

entitled, clean, smart Brains all neatly in a row

they giggled over the worn out uniform and

shoe held together by tree resin with her

latest non conformity : growling gut


the growling started just after the weather report

written for the hundredth time just so

'Today is a Sunny Day' with drawing attached

'Excuse me, it's Winter', yelled the detached 'A' group

Forget the seasons: rain, snow, blizzard

raining lizards or dogs, today is a sunny day

she reasons, as we rise by lifting our spirits up


The solitary Discard plays close to the bins

not to perturb the schoolyard Bully,

a sandwich untouched into the trash is thrown

smelling the lunch, her growling gut intensifies

echoing off the tin cans like a fire siren

she reached in and picked up the sandwich

for discarded they both were in this instance


Cast the first rock if you deem this a sin,

For her pain started in disregard!


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