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Date Written: September 19, 2017

‘No one in my work history has ever come close to you’, he writes

on a worn out note, I hold dear for twenty five years

I see you working in the world’s tallest building

was his predictions and to begin each day

with such quiet perfection was surreal


I had to write an aptitude test if I wanted to do Computers

my maths results being outstanding will not suffice

small fish in a big pond syndrome is what I ailed from

even though a shark starts out as a small dish


My reluctance to take the test was due to him

a preacher’s son who walked me home

and sat close enough to ensure no paper jets

bombard my unkempt curly hair

Do I give up on my future or pursue the boy out-of-reach?


I find it best to err on the side of caution

So out-of-reach was taken out of the equation

I took the test and left


I had progressed from the stultifying tedium of school

to the jolting madness of being an employed adult

‘You are a laborer’s daughter, and that is all you ever will be!’

those words penetrated the abyss of my career stagnation

I was reassigned to Mike to ensure I failed in desperation

the one who ruled by edict, hated by most: cerebral and serious

with his former cadre of Assistance who all quit mysteriously 

My first interaction was a long distance call barely audible

hundred percent was my score on accuracy


My tenure with Mike was reaching its culmination

 I had to turn my passion of IT into a career

and left without compunction

We tend to gravitate naturally towards the areas we excel

until I reached the glass ceiling, being too young

for any senior position above,

I raised my two girls with much love, single-handedly


the winds of change howled  once more

with offers of a new vicarious thrill

to Dubai I went: skills, kids and all

a few years later upon dealing with-

you are female and can’t get a job in Management,

it’s unheard off in the Arab world


Not to be a disappointment to my education

which I had paid thousands for

I submitted my applications

My career trajectory landed on a Fortune 500 company

and I work there in management today, triumphantly


The tallest building in the world was inaugurated to rival all

this crystalline wonder in its precision and prismatic beauty  

as the sun rises, to greet me on my way to work,

is the duty of both


Be courageous, Be bold

and may your story be worthy of being told

from the tallest building in the world


One comment on “Goodbye”

  1. sunburned     September 19, 2017

    good scenario

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