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Hey Beautiful

Date Written: November 7, 2017

She passes me with genuine warmth,

having to see me seldom makes

the heart grow fonder, I hope

for if she needed a kidney, I

would be not be able to cope

anywhere in the world should I fly

she will call, as I die with embarassment.


My emotions, my personal space

cannot be invaded, is my harassment.

This Queen needs to temper

her reclusive ‘lone wolf’ jaunts and flow.

All uptight and brittle as

my blue blood will be tainted

If I smiled a-little.


“Hey Beautiful”, she merrily greets.

Me, looking all posh and serious

wishing the floor to grow teeth

and eat me alive, lest I forget to breathe,

as the rest of the Oval  Office hushes

“Hey Beautiful!”, right back at her

up I jump, hugging her tight with:

“Now who's blushing?”  JJ

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