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Love’s Embrace

Date Written: September 12, 2017

With arms stretched wide

she etched out a semblance

of love, kindness and respect

hoping it will abide.


The conquest of affection is,

Hoping she will see you,

Hoping she will smile,

Hoping she will acknowledge

your mere existence,

in fear of rejection


When she does reciprocates

Fearing her past mistakes

She throws caution to the wind

And placates her conquest

With Love’s embrace.


With renewed hope,

a happy life is forged


Little did he know,

once you capture

the object of your affections,

therein lies the hard part.

To connect, to reassure,

to appease, to understand,

to Accept and to Trust.


Will the promise of

love’s embrace blossom or

Will it wane out of scope?


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