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Date Written: September 28, 2017

He wore a green satin shirt

as he sat on the red checked blanket

a beautiful, smiling, most beloved Boy

alongside sat I, wailing like a banish

in a blue dress with a plastic sunflower

Smile! the most absurd photo hastily taken


A day when I was most happy,

washing my dirty school socks in the river

ruminating that the man I marry, will

carry a strawberry milkshake for me daily 

that was the measure of true love


He grew handsomer than ever, loved by all

hated most vehemently by me

he had it all and never a bad day did he experience

except when the sophomoric imbeciles were not around-

his entourage of adoring giggling girls and boys,

I wore boys clothing and could fish, swim, hunt better

than the best of them , which was exclusively him


The only occasion I deemed to play nice

was when I invited him to my tree house

deliberately not securing the base to the tree branches

he flew with hands in the air trying to grab onto anything

as his royal haunches hits the ground hard

he smiles up at me with his front teeth missing


I was sitting in for my finals in three months

a reunion she arranges with everyone

from our childhood to bid farewell to

as we would be heading off into the Adult realm

‘We grew up together Sharmaine,

how can she be so heartless?,’ he groans

I ignored him all night as he tried to speak

‘Check your bag!’, he screams overwhelmed


In my bag, tucked away between the pages of  Shakespeare

A long note and a strawberry milkshake I find

Quite taken aback and with qualms of my examination

his confession of the soul had to wait

parched, I did drink the milkshake at the gate


He wrote about how he feels towards me,

that he loved me since that absurd baby photo day

to the fateful night when the Priest requested for us

to be wed, which was orchestrated by him

to the day of the reunion when we met again


What marriage? I scream on my bed

There was definitely a miscarriage of justice

here, so the Priest will suffice to answer

He had been sequestered by Star-Struck to

request my hand in marriage

a resounding ‘No’ he got from both families


I was so vengeful towards him

looking at him with jealousy

as he was most favored

yet he favored me above all


We agreed to meet years later, me to apologize

a strawberry milkshake he brings,

on bended knee he kindly requests

if he could buy this drink daily

for me, as long as we both shall live

Teary eyed I declined his proposal

for I was with child and he conceded defeat

before receding, he says: He will never love you, is my plight!

For I am your Right!

One comment on “MILKSHAKE”

  1. River.Ophelia     September 28, 2017

    sweet story here Jessica
    thanks for the lovely share…

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