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Penny For Your Thoughts

Date Written: November 12, 2017

Women, frailty is thy name!

Shakespeare astonished, that we are

still the women he wrote off.

None worse for wear

all blessed with brains and beauty

around no one we swear

we’d rather be with.


‘He thinks the Danish invented feta’, I say with a sneer

What an idiotic notion, Vikings

plundered and stole from other nations.


‘He loves me and I don’t love him now’, she laments.

Your first love will surely end you

and he is not my first.

Take a bow and leave!


‘He is there but not aware of me’, she intimates.

It is always a debate until

he wants to eat,

he caves and concedes defeat.


All went quiet.

No one had the right:

To make me feel so,

To make me think of him,

To make me miss him,

To steal my thoughts and

make it all about him,



In our plight,

we wondered what the Forgotten

did after a break up,

a jar was sourced and

anyone caught mentioning

their Exs would have to levy

something of importance.


A penny for your thoughts

in hopes of a make up

I wish not.






2 comments on “Penny For Your Thoughts”

  1. River.Ophelia     November 13, 2017

    so very true, Jessica! 😉
    “It is always a debate until he wants to eat, he caves and concedes defeat.” … nailed it here 🙂

  2. JessicaMars     November 13, 2017

    Lol… Men are mystery to the mysterious women around …

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