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Date Written: October 16, 2017

Staring pensively at the cheque,

hundred and thirty seven noted

collected from a few employees.

Out of hospital had I been discarded

only to write a program to end

their sufferings, by comparing all

jobs across country in order for

them to gain a living wage.


My despair was not at recovery nor

at the enraged people in charge

the mammoth task at hand

tested, my program had worked

but the decision to upgrade lay

in the hands of our 'White' government

cheque in hand, was their gift to me

as their living wage made, increased.


Sitting at my desk, in her rose colored dress

awaited my young charge, transfixed

baby on hip, playing with the beads 

in I waltz, nappy bag and all

Rosie, I learned, has autism 

to get an emotional response or

a simple hug, was his pain

they survived on below minimum wage

even with her condition, a special

schools would have been a strain


Every Saturday, with baby carriage in tow

I went to my office to teach and to

right the miscarriage of justice

any game I could write, to play

on the screen as line up the blocks

is how I reached her, taking a few

breaks to feed my milk guzzling miscreant.


She put together a show-and-tell for school

based on her training with me as I watched

teary eyed, she lines up the blocks

using the mouse almost perfectly

Rosie was a legend for the pose

she made was a momentary hug

to her Dad.


Had I cashed the cheque

I would have forgotten

why I wrote the program

to increase their living wage

so that I may save Rosie

from a wreck!

2 comments on “ROSIE”

  1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     October 16, 2017

    Rosie——-Wonderful and touching poem—–
    Excellent share !!—
    Well done Jessica !!!
    Happy Deepawali to you !!!

    1. JessicaMars     October 17, 2017

      Happy Deepawali… may the Light illuminate your life with much prosperity and happiness… I miss the small brown clay lamps placed all over back home during this time- pain to light all millions & yet most stunning! Rosie is now a young lady with a boyfriend the last time I spoke with her Dad!

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