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Date Written: October 16, 2017

My legs didn’t work as they used to,

menacing, sharp edifice of the cliff

came too soon as the wind changed

bloodied, bruised legs into the sea

they bleed, as I lift up my spirits.


Filled with tingling delight, I stand there

caught up in the rhapsody off a night,

ardent with pleasure and the shadow of fear:

Who would dance with me?


His arms encircled my back gently

enshrouded in the dark, he came to lead

my head filled off romantic literature on

expectations, disguised as love and romance

my afflictions of happily-ever-after was

beyond the likelihood of fulfillment.


As my body melted into his,

our hips swayed to the rhythmic beating

off our hearts and labored breathes

everything, including the real music

faded into the background as his strong,

sweaty frame enveloped my presences

since  the game was played out there on

the teetering edge of pleasure and control

amidst the celestial bodies, of comets and stars.


I glided across as I tried to escape from

the involute position in which he held

 me, eyes locked in smoldering orbs as

he could not see elation in releasing

the tension of our taut entwined bodies,

duplicitous in this crime of passion,

since we both are aware that the

animal lurking within is seldom

teetered by good intentions, even if

my maimed legs deserved charity.


Feeling my flesh melting with each touch

my eyes were squeezed shut as he

bends me over for the dip, locking our

hips, gently lifting me up,

caressing my nape, as his lips roils

against my tepid flesh, igniting me.


My aura was dancing as it would

at climax, a glow spread across my face

when the music ended, as we took a bow

I didn’t want to break my languor by

speaking, as his magnetic stare remained.


In our fusion during ‘Thinking out Loud’,

Why then, did we build our relationship

upon the sands of passion?

2 comments on “SANDS OF PASSION”

  1. River.Ophelia     October 18, 2017

    romantic and brooding
    I loved it, Jessica

  2. JessicaMars     October 18, 2017


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