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Sleeping Beauty

Date Written: November 8, 2017

Blueish white eggs in a nest lay

with the mama-bird no rest

from her watch to acclaim,

she sits from dusk till dawn

in one position, no food to be had.

What madness could possess

such torture?

Surely she will not be a-miss

if a few grains she whisked.


On my lap, she lays her head,

on our way to work, too early

for her, as Mama had a meeting

to attend at the crack of dawn.

With a might yawn, Sleeping Beauty

curls up to bed for awhile.


I was not even late as I

took the most fabulous

pictures of her asleep.

Behold, I uploaded them!


Babe in the arm like the two

birds in the nest is most

fortunate to be so deeply loved,

as she begins her workday only

find her nap going instantly

viral in a snap.

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