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Date Written: October 30, 2017

Upon  a spiral stairway I traverse

with only a door a-fixed on top,

gripped by fear, my steps I carefully

place for there is no other solid form

but the door I must reach.


With eyes closed tight, I move on

laboriously, for the ladder mentioned

built to breach heaven, requires

more severe design thought!

Jacob’s ladder benefits me not

on this quest as I must take

a rest, many-a-times.


Almost at the door, I gaze back at

the spiral getting larger as I near

pondering awhile on the base

at the rear.


Opening the door as a butterfly affect;

rocks of different proportions hurled past

engulfed in flames, denoting the planets

in its path, as we get closer

in orbit of the blue One,

menacing, black waves rise up

swallowing all, sweeping the slate

clean as the mammoth rocks

flame encrusted, lay waste to the rest.


People emerge, consumed by flames

as their flesh burns off in supplication,

rancid smell emits, as decimation ensues.


‘The best will be saved!,’  I cry out.

No!, as the epicenter of the chaos spiral was

too thin to withstand salvaging anything

out of the dark souls of greed and lust

since they overlooked the many chances given,

to build an Ark again.  

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