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Date Written: October 10, 2017

Lying in her mess on the floor

seeing the rest run away in disgust

my angst kept me at the door

she was my Mother afterall

so I sprung to her aid:

clean her off I must and

put her in the bed I made.


My turning point came abruptly

to choose my career path,

with my parents in attendance

having fully recovered, requested I did

their reluctance hinged on ‘Girls should not

be educated further’,

earn a living wage , supporting us

she must, to the factory she goes


Standing in the school auditorium

seeing the Captain with his imposing Dad

to partake in a quiz over his son

All questions he got right, even

the one about his son’s crush

which he points a finger in my direction

only to see my startled face, blushing

as I glimpse at the Father I will most likely

model myself after


Self representation as an excuse

and with self determination to boot

I awaited my turn to choose.

Mrs Adam approached with

her reluctant daughter in tow

I sat next to the latter in class

Confused, ‘Where are your parents, Child?’, she asks

None to be seen hence none to speak off then


She deemed it her right

to take my hands and walks in with,

‘Two daughters I have’, she illustrates

much to the consternation of all Educators

all subjects ‘A’ was denoted to the right

with the last name of the child

not an ‘Adam’ it was quoted


With a magnetic smile, she beams brilliantly that

I was her child from a Doctor

and the other rightful Adam

as her daughter from a taxi driver


That paved the way in terms of

my career path according to Mrs Adam

I can be anything I desire due to

Math and my Father, the Doctor!

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