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Date Written: October 31, 2017

Pythagorean theorem should I prove

before the sun rises and exams starts

window ajar, I study fanatically

observant of the gentle hum of the wind

amidst the tree branches as they sway

yet the pebble thrown at the pane

falls on deaf ears as the Skater Boy

traversed a good few miles from

the rich bungalows to the squalors

in the hopes to see his Bae.


Through the doors, red silken robes

emerges, adorned by a beauty unknown

angelic and serene she at first looked

“What do you believe in?”, she sweetly whispers

I mistook her equanimity and answered so:

“Not in Euclidean geometry do I believe,

I may be doomed if I do as it’s a mystery,

I believe in myself, so help me God!”


With each syllable uttered,

she grew at odds, larger in fact

as the ceiling beams came nearer

my body picked up effortlessly as

her silken ropes entwined the beams

“Take the ropes,” she roars,

“Put an end to your worthless existence”.


My body was flung against the wall

like an untethered rag doll until

battered and bruised, bleeding profusely or

the rope snags around my neck,

no hope for me I cry, such is life.


The door flung open in dismay

to find my lifeless body suspended

in midair, to the floor I am violently thrown

the Temptress’ frown concealed

as she made her final exit.


Was this a test of what was to come?

No matter what I had lost,

to succeed at all cost was,

ME, believing in my worth

since birth!

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