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The Monster

Date Written: September 17, 2017

'You are so ugly, even Mum doesn't love you!' he screams

In a rage, she throws the stool at him which broke in half

only to be admonished for her behavior of disrespect

He kicked and beat the monster into submission

her screams rose above falling on deaf ears


'I can't play with you as you are weird,' she says

No child played with her due to this admission

It's ok she thinks for she has found something,

the monster had found a treasure

not ready for school yet and tiny enough to fit under the bed

her friends became the Books she read


Red marked her calendar to remind her not to provoke

a few days remain unmarked for those are the days off recovery

'How ugly a monster am I?' she wonders,

for this surely is a mockery


It was her first work Christmas dinner she attended

after his permission was sought, having no clue what lay ahead

Fifteen minutes late was a heavy price to pay for 

it was bait to use the metallic bat

silver and imposing with tinges of red he waited

'You whore!', he rages on with bat to her head

red streaks of her blood adorning the bat instead


The monster had formulated a plan

to flee from the man and bat

Look at what she had done, cried the world!

Her integrity was not a greater loss to be borne

than her life, she reasoned

He took away her soul: to make her beg & bleed

She only pleads for her children and leaves

'Should I buy you the rope now or later', he mentions

as he bids her farewell on the stairs of the courtroom


She fought for and earned her freedom from him

but she was the transgressor

No longer a monster she saw within

Fighting for your life

in a world of strife makes you more beautiful and strong;

not wrong

for the monster was not her but them.










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