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Date Written: October 4, 2017

I am flying, I smile with wind in my hair

another out of body experience

I watch from my slivery wraith

as my body detaches and

flies off effortlessly


My body falls faster and faster

into a spatial abyss of nothingness

only my fears lie below

as detriments: sharp peaks, depthless oceans, erupting volcanoes

What would my impediment end in?


I shut my eyes, gaining momentum

as the visceral peaks my fears manifests

grow closer like a primordial phantom

I need to merge with my body

if it should expire in dream state

it will be dire, lost soulless forever


The Things that hurt my back

black scars melded since birth

breaks out in unison like the

burst of a million irradiant  Stars

I missed the peaks by an inch of my hair


I stare at this adventure, so unlike last nights

the vison of the car accident I conjure

my slivery wraith dissipates my body

upon impact, I move like an elemental

to feel my daughters’ breathe

No! They were both crushed to death

My phone  blares, as I take note of the date


The endless blue of serenity stretches its

self in watery welcome with the noisy sea gulls

competing for airspace upon my arrival

the distress of the previous vision long forgotten,

as the reflection on the ocean surface is

of majestic and incredible wings


I awake as bait to the blaring alarm

sunlight warming my damp torso

to the alarm I glare and the date I note

at home you both will stay

it happened just as I dreamt

in front of the Holy Trinity Church

with the backseat crushed upon impact

I was rushed to hospital, only to be released

for minor childhood bruises on my back

Two breathe intact, till this day

2 comments on “THINGS”

  1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     October 4, 2017

    Things—–Simply beautiful write Jessica !!—–Superb work !!—-Well done!!

  2. River.Ophelia     October 13, 2017

    there is a beautiful elegance to your writing which I really enjoy
    thank you for sharing Jessica

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