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Date Written: November 7, 2017

Shattered, broken, crest-fallen

you may believe as I hide away

their callin' on deaf ears fall

for my vulnerability is a sign

to extend care and support

so that you may get lucky.


I will not yield! 


This face I awake with

ready for the day, armed

with my wits and six inch stilettoes.

Don't take me for granted,

Don't think me from the ghettos,

I will make you regret it.


Don't offer friendship to make me smile

as I can see from a mile that flattery

is food for fools.

The dust that obscures many

in the form of flattery is merely

lust disguised.


This face is the embodiment of my

soul; wherein honor and virtue resides,

I will never yeild to your entrapment.

4 comments on “THIS FACE”

  1. River.Ophelia     November 7, 2017

    powerful write from an empowered Soul…
    “flattery is food for fools” … nice line
    I loved it Jessica 🙂

    1. JessicaMars     November 7, 2017


  2. comnpkpillai     November 7, 2017

    stubborn and determined despite broken
    a matter of feeling and challenge

    1. JessicaMars     November 7, 2017

      It’s a matter of not trading my honor and virtue for flattery only to become undone…broken I’m not for I never appear so. I don’t need saving is what I’m writing about if it’s in false hope to win my heart

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