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Date Written: November 6, 2017

Upon the red clay sand

I trod, a miles walk whichever

way, fraught with dangers

I wander purposefully unarmed,

Be a Lion, I spurned my felicitous

wild  soul on.


Fiery sun my hair the color of

the sand it turns as the Great Dane

bounces forward disturbing the

snakes and guinea fowls in their wake

upon a tire I hop, down the rolling

green hills I descend, making Major

run like the speed of light,

barking  admonishingly.


The blithe on her wicked ride

to the river we go to fish,

hunt and a bath he needs

passing: bare swimming children,

women washing laundry,

building blocks being baked in the sun,

as beads and baskets, in melodious

Afrobeats sung, they make.


Lunch is handed sparingly

from the fish caught by me

a slice of bread, one fish and milk

we fed like Kings with the

bare children to join the feast

having black mulberries to add

as a side dish, for dessert.


‘Hamba Kahle!’ I gaily assert

as I need to head back to

the corrugated tin roofs

I call Beloved home, flowing

in my veins, knowing:

This is Africa!

2 comments on “THIS IS AFRICA”

  1. comnpkpillai     November 6, 2017

    very patriotc

  2. River.Ophelia     November 7, 2017

    rich in imagery and feeling
    nice to see the underused word “felicitous” utilised…
    I loved this piece overall, Jessica, good job 🙂

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