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Date Written: October 5, 2017

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder

I hear, as I go under

a Consciousness wrapped in tranquility

originates from the thunder, awakens me

drenched bed and a persistent deluge

my water had been broken; as she was

in fetal distress, green flowed the amino

out she was cut with agility, just in time


a sheen of light surrounds her

as she nestles on my chest

‘Why do I have a green mark?’, she inquires inquisitively

You are not an alien, my exquisite Angel!

for the kiss of God is placed as

a birth mark, as Thunder resounds


The Light in the bush was

our first meet when

Tipsy had passed, came

to still my aching heart

Her birth was the next as

Thunder approached to

avert a disaster


In the Research Hospital we were kept

my second’s trial through fire, Live or Not

her early arrival was due to the multiple

lacerations suffered and repeated boots

as we lay in our pool of blood,

praying she suffered not


Thunder, Thunder, Thunder

resonates in my unconscious state

carried  to a river of blood

as Thunder reverberates making waves

washing the pain away from Mother and Child

a weak pulse is detected, injected to revive

the heart so that I may live and so did she

Cradled in the warmth of a Sun

Thunder departs upon our survival


A reserved seat behold, always vacant

at the head of the dinner table

a smile I affectionately bare, with reverence

to the ‘Throne of Thunder’ in my home

as a humble worn-out chair

note ‘God is the Head’ of this household!

if you didn't get what I wrote from the start

One comment on “THUNDER”

  1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     October 5, 2017

    Wonderful poem—–
    Consciousness wrapped in tranquility—–I liked this line much—-
    A descent flow added grace to the poem—–Well done Jessica !!

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