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Date Written: September 25, 2017

In my minds eye

I spy, a wooden train

played with by a boy unknown

I cried for a while

missing the child I had lost

a precious soul barely a month old

I couldn't fight for you, Dear One

was what I was told

I went to war with Heaven for two

and their souls were won

Yours was not to be a pawn

I could wager my life for again


A beautiful Fall day had begun

cramps had assailed me unexpectly

It might me the flu

so no fuss I conclude

a days work must be done

I didn't make it home to Two

for the pain ravaged me too soon

I know about your tumors

therefore this is yet another lump

'I hear two hearthbeats though,' the Doctor states worriedly

How strange to dump this on me!


Six pink blankets surrounds the heartbeat

detected nine months ago

adorned in blue, feeding in frenzy

Born on Good Friday, a day when

Heaven was too preoccuppied to

wage a fued


A long arduous preganancy that

may have not carried full term, ensued:

swollen ankles, organ failure, hospital consignment

only to watch the light for hours

dart across the screen like Michael Phelps,

born with three welts on his arm.


Think what you may, I have two Boys

who went to war with Heaven

and this time, for my life

One with a toy train and both

to bring me joy

as I went into remission

shortly after he was born

I watched my succession

lay peacefully at my side


Jerome in Heaven, your birthday

I keep yearly to remind you

that I miss you dearly

a rose blooms on your fateful day, come what may

as I know watching Jarred lay

why to Heaven you ascended so soon

and for that I should be grateful

Thank You my Son!

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