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Date Written: October 3, 2017

Dressed immaculately in a gray suit dress

to the boardroom I make my way

feeling confident, prepared to captivate

success was not made for me; defeated I left

for upon conclusion of my meet

on my seat, crimson seeped


Keep it together Jess, everything is going to be OK!

I repeat until neither my mess nor tears withstands

In my bag I reach, amidst my survival kit, a tissue I take

survival kit to appease your curiosity contains devices for:

coffee spills, ripped seams, buttons, broken heels, sewing,

broken home, a broken-me-patch-kit of inspirational quotes

my tears seep relentlessly as we go through

my bag anecdotes, ruining my make-up


‘It happens to the best of us’, she adds

Wake-up, I notice cold and heartless

with a slight jeer, waltzing in to add her two cents

her fake banter, is my cheer-me-up

I look up tense to Whatever, ‘F’ken Seriously now!’


I bear witness to many in my circle

watched over by Whatever above

broken or despair is a momentary lapse

before they come into inheritance and buy a home,

or move into opulence to wait out their storms,

or find partners, the sooner they drop one, one is near

or perhaps just have a shoulder to cry on Dear!


The sum total of my broken pieces

is what is contained in my bag

there has to be a seismic disaster

for me to get an off day

but I won’t plan for that just yet

I have no Master and like

a galleon without sails I

meander slipping into the unknown,


3 comments on “UNDONE”

  1. Sonia Crt     October 3, 2017

    amazing and intriguing write..
    welldone Jessica

  2. JessicaMars     October 3, 2017

    @Sonia Crt…Thank you! This makes me feel better 🙂 truly

  3. JessicaMars     October 3, 2017

    Written in real time as this just happened Feeling devastated as it’s more challenging being a woman but written to tell myself – it’s not the end of my subjective world

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