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Date Written: September 21, 2017

‘Keep a journal,’ advised Doctor Mary

You only require a few sessions of therapy

for your confessions of the soul, were spoken

with alacrity and conviction, you have self-healed

that was my ordeal for a month


My analysis involved my past and unresolved

due to my dominant personality type shaped

by my past experiences, I failed to make the right

connections where partners went


So my daily ritual since emancipation

 Emerging from my futile past faux pas

was to write each day to my Soulmate

I shall bequeath my writings to you

whence we date is the promise


I need to exhale my past from my soul

And inhale my present state with

prospects of a happier future

I don’t know who you are

but I talk to God about you daily


I have eviscerated the bondages of depression

to release the trapped soul living in desolation

to soar to dizzying heights with her new found wings

she need not a Knight nor a Viking


She needs :

    One love to protect her and her own

   One love to have and to hold

   One love to dance out in the rain with

she denotes.


That’s all the she needs

She needs one good life from here on end

Dear Soulmate, I await you indeed

One comment on “Unknown”

  1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     September 21, 2017

    Unknown—–She needs love and waiting for her soulmate—-Fascinating write Jessica !!–I need to exhale my past from my soul and inhale my present state—-Nice line with awesome imagery—-Beautiful write —-Excellent poem !!!—Well done!!

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