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Date Written: September 15, 2017

I stare out through the dirty panes 

high up, looking down at my world

I look out to desolation, children playing on the roads,

the cold hungry stares of the disadvantaged,

to the superficiality of being human,

with disdain.


Born in a society, shackled due to the mandates of segregation,

due to the colour of their alabastar skin,

living and working where you are treated a lesser human

as God chose  to use a darker colour for your skin

Walking up and down the stairways of humiliation

to a toilet not fit for humans in my pregnancy,

taking on more responsibilities only to

earn less than a light coloured skin

it is not right, but suck it in and know your place

as the whip cracks on relentlessly


Conformity is not a gift I was blessed with

being a mindless sheep bowing down to

a pigmentless skin is not why I was born

Defiance burns as coal in my stares,

in my soul for I have marched, I have protested against inequity

I will fight until the shackles of segregation are forever removed

for we are Human, it is our Right!


On a rainy cold Friday night, I make my way to the hospital

A barrage of questions ensues, 'Do we save her or the baby?'

Still lucid, I plead in supplication, 'Save my baby, I give up my lfe for hers'

Birth of Democracy was being celebrated, as I watched Mandela

being released from prison, elation breaks out in the hallways

with melodious rapture swaying with shackles on.

As I await our first meeting, filled with distress

'Why did I bring a child into this world to be ensalved based on skin colour?'


I gazed in wonder at her – spikey hair, rosy cheeks and flawless skin

looking into her eyes, seeing the birth of freedom

holding hope in my arms,

to break the qualms of the shackles that have imprisoned my mind

with her hungry shrieks.


I looked out my window and saw a rainbow;

a covenant made by my people, 'The Rainbow Nation',

never to segregate based on the colour of your skin

Freedom was at last born.

God Bless the People of South Africa!








2 comments on “Window”

  1. comnpkpillai     September 15, 2017

    Feeling of segregation was pain ful. I too watched the Mandela release and then history from neighboring Lesotho from the very border and many times had been inside both dependent and independent stages.

  2. Subhashchandra B Adhav     September 15, 2017

    Kudos to you Jessica for such an elegant write raising voice against the apartheid that crushes humanity,underprivileged ,disadvantaged,oppressed ,and dark skinned people.,that too through your poetic capabilities ,leaving a long lasting impact of birth of a nation experiencing an air of freedom !!!—-Very skillful write having nice imagery and an eye opener read—!!—Magnificent poem—–Wonderful share !!—A great job done!!

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