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Beautiful Scar

Date Written: September 26, 2017

Beautiful Scar


This beautiful scar from which I did bleed

This beautiful scar its pain I did need

This pain that I called upon

I did so because all hope was gone

I lost my way

I felt my shame

I was broken into shards of glass

Something people would look past


But you did not

The pink on my arm, your eye, it caught

You saw my scar in all of its glory

You longed to know and hear its story

You heard my pain

Yet looked at me the same

This beautiful scar I now adore

This beautiful scar opened our door


-JTrikele .png


One comment on “Beautiful Scar”

  1. River.Ophelia     September 27, 2017

    beautifully heartfelt, thanks
    love the celtic triskelion

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