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No Light

Date Written: September 26, 2017

There is no light left in my eyes
The blue has vanished from my skies
I am a person worth nothing
I always had hope to be something
That hope has left me too
Just like all of you
I hide in between these lines
In my head I whisper sweet lies
I tell myself they are just words with no meaning 
But I know it’s not true because my heart is still beating
I am a person unworthy of love
I reach out and go beyond and above
But I am a person no one could love 
Someone else’s heart is something I am not worthy of
It’s been proven time after time
So I waste my time versing rhyme after rhyme
I am defeated
The dark has been greeted
My light that used to be so true
Take it from me is something I thought no person would do
Piece by piece it was ripped from me
I’ve tried to put it together on bended knee
My hope has left and is out of sight
And now in my heart there is no light


One comment on “No Light”

  1. River.Ophelia     September 27, 2017

    I could relate to your poem as I have thought those thoughts and felt this way before
    thanks for posting – much appreciated

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