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Date Written: October 7, 2017

I will always entertain the hot sides of Love’s brain,

Ah, when once I drink salt rain, then Love’s wed vein will

Suffer eddied seas, and heated herded

Blown bladed bobbing big men hear sylvan odd grain

Come knocking on a field of raped Bethlehem



Odes to eczema hear hot asthma dragging cold trains

And I will ascend a tree of green leaved grief when

Vast mirrorers melt

And I will always cap caved cunny where cold hens

Lay eggs inside holy diarrhoea


            Come sundering where the bees roar

            Then blanked sea prayer


                                    veins and sweet war.



I must extend a fat hand where egged eager birds

Fall and die,

O, I will extend a rude hand where egged eaten birds

Fall and fry



As old warred wives slide

Inside wedded rain, then handled brides must serve

Man and lies

And, oo, when once hard veins weep for words

Then blind bombshells must marry sex nerves



I must extend a fast mongrel hand as curs

Cry, cry,

And mad crow men live inside soiled eyed

Separated sex bitumen.



Eyed raped rode rivers will

Suck a sea of wigs as a bee inside a mill will

Wed dolls to starred zippers



Eyed raped rodeos hear noisy dills

Daggering where cold horsemen fill

Impossible bodies



I will summon a sex flex as coated rills

Drown, and

Eyed rapine radios swing where hills

Go deaf, and

                        Ideal summers will spill

                        Witnesses, and

                        Solar sin sucks dammed

                        Sex windows.



As old eager eyes fix me, then coded killer hands

Must blind me,

when once kidded kingdoms rend me, then leas

will fuck me



I will suffer veins when cold gay spritzers seize

Fat fumbling reined bees



And cold eager lives cut me, and coded millers

Send cakes to bummed cures,

And, lo, where once odes to lures hear drovers

Dreaming of dilly birds

Then vanned village curs bark, bark, ooo.

            I shall murder a feline canine ooze

            Eyes will sunder a tree-horse

                        And bad bodies hear force

Crying in a false chapel,

And skies fall like an apple. 




Here, where voids jeer, a sea of city lords

Lays waste to tears

O, here, where boys leer, a scissor on a pier

Drowns beached spheres

And, lashed, a lady in a crate suffers birds



Here, where toys jeer, a mouth of nerves

Nicks paps as knockers inside wedded herds

Hire catalepsy to naked rocking slept sirs

And, oo, a city in a plum pulls pled pervs when

Cashing cluing cantonmental servants

Send dolls to waxed infantile mind remnants



Golden giddy gashers suck slashers as squints

Blind men and child and God.



When once I moved you, then I knew I’d lose you

When once I heard you, then I knew I’d see you

Crying in the rain



Where old vast girls writhe, then a sea of red grain

Will give rise to bells and midnight’s

Tree of bruised sex berries



When once I took you, then I knew I’d lost you,

O as bled bairns in barns break, then love’s bite

Will vanish into prayer as a season in a light

Turns life down



As old lamped lovers lose sound, then nudes

Dance, dance,

And, given a tall chance, a dilly in a plant

Must wed dogs to clowns



As I will rend you then sex will surround

You and me and the winter in a lounge

And gentlemen’s chairs summon air as towns

Burn, burn



Coded rivered trees teeter as wailing ferns

Shed salt seed where a mirror made from perms

Seizes slashed lattices and watered

Slain daughters




The sliding sidled seas of pain must

Suffer dogs and canine dust, and, lo, when once lust

Snaffles musk, then

Bled tailed nude naked barking men will

Offer a female self to a gem inside a hill



The fawkesfires on a bed ignite sex as dills

Drink dodos from thin masks,

And, dolled, a daggering summer thrill will

Read false books to impossible children

And, uh, as magic head hoping greys

Dig dangerous knifed graves, then

I and I must


Find fingers forcing faces where hens

Shatter eggy dust.






The wind-blown face of God has

Killer spades for grass,

O, the sin-stoved face of Love has

Killer glades, and a wide mask

Sails shrouds when coded spun rafts

Surrender death to dollies


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