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Date Written: October 7, 2017



Ahh, as when the sea’s sun cums

Deep down inside, then a corpse of guns must

Shoot life to death

Ahh, when once hijacked sundering lust

Shivers, then pushing sky-shattering fists

Must break our world


And imprisoning penile sissies will rip

Tails from gaols,

And, goaded, as keys shatter then locked lips will

Clamber down veils


Coasted killer moon lovers must raid pits

O, as opals open rooms, then layering clits

Will disappear


Only one lover aside, and eyes will kiss

Owls and evenings.



Then as when a terrifying gun shoots sex blanks,

As cities heave, then a petrifying son knifes stamped

Warred trees


Here, where once men shoot, then massed hot leaves

Must ride five winds


I will sunder a hired whored summer as wedded bees

Sting marms and honeyed jams

And god’s buzzing throat must suckle sweet clammed

Dumbing red crafts


Where once cold ashen dolls break, then a scathed mask




Ah, as lazy pharaohs arrive inside

Apexed sea navels, then ruddy writhing seized brides

Cry, cry

as dizzy Shakespeare writes asides, then red brides


            taunt tainted face paint as a cat in a tent

drags beds for banned bells and baby


as fashionable history summons mist, then railing minds

suffer sleep and stories,

and, laced with guns, as darling junkeys heal old times

then babes rend cemeteries


coded beaconed bairns bob down and down

uh, loaded seabanged beards wag in wind as dollied clowns

send eyes to nunneries




Locums on the lunge lead fizzy lays to water

Lo, locums on the plunge lock up high daughters when

Eager men pant after sex and slaughtered

Green guns


Locusts delve false plants as dizzy hired water

Levels naked cats with guns and lady lovers, and eyes

Cry themselves to sleep

And men will suffer sex and wheat



Cold men suffer old summers as cold heat cooks

Minds and egg men

And a divine cooking sermon will

Swirl dregs where impossible children roll, roll,



            Keen curled kissers kiss faceless oaths

                        And I use no mirrors?



As a spinning sea of semen sucks coded killer men then

Spun skin will whirl and whirl


As a swimming sea of women sucks coded river men then

Gunned gin will curl where worlds

Die for dreams.


When once pled pigs slice figs, then a sun, as large as girls,

Will always wed dogs to screens,

And I die for dreams


A shaded son of creams suffers salty sense all year, and

As turning gunning sunbeams sail, then saline seasands

See dunes turning a male shade of yellow


Old men in vast machines marry nudes as naked hands

Slice wristwatches

And, lo, I shall itemise telephonic deaths as red lapses

Cry for hard rain.



Horded cut wives will pollenate

Hot poles

Sss hoarded shut wives will instigate

Cut foals


When once pealed pinners prick

Hard high heels

Then horded cut wives will stick

Dead fags where dolls

Dare not whine



Cussing pushing pleaders pick

Old pickling wives

And, seasoning, fish wives




Horded hymens hurry for

Dolls and licenced


And tigers gone to war

Summon us


            A door will open to reveal

A strange sun?



The back of a sea of bacon must fry

Smoked soaked high trees

Sss when once bad biddies bake tides, then smokers

Suck lust from faked ashes

And I will smother eyes as breaking flashes seize

Lashwide lasses



The back of a bed and a knob in the moon’s heave

Will hoard baked buns inside hired leaves

And, lobed, as a dirty drunken gun hears bees

Losing waxed wasp-hives then

Roasted rented roses will marry napes when

Bad babies shoot the moon



Here and when a void in a spoon serves men

Vaginal cake

Then hostelries inside hotel escapes must send

Dementia where

Jackdaws jack a sea in a crate



Eager lunar leaves burn, burn, burn,

Bald bled tealeaves turn where a truckling urn

Cries for

Small sex sperm.



Oo I will cry for red razors when odes to bad lasers

Slice guns and grubbers

Oo, I will lie for red flayers as odes to sad geezers

Jack flowers and grabbers



When once piggies chant for sties, then rivers

Raise oinks from shouted snouted swilled mothers

And, rapped in a rat, an invisible cat

Cries for ferine feline puppy fats,



Eyed raw bucked rabbits must send sex when

Laden lilly lipping lady boys jack children,

And those who kill the child must

Send death to themselves, and a tree of dust

Flames up-…


 Under naked veins, unlawful bees cut

Swarmed stinging hived hornets, and ruts

Scratch inner female thighs,

And I am stung by scythes where sweet spies

Wail inside deaf wind.




The soft sides of love ride for

Hennas and Indi war, and I have suffered a soap war


The croft sides of God ride for

Pinners and Africa, and, o, when once bathed whores

Swirl wee into sex sands

Then a shorn colour of peeing will examine

Dolls and surging brigands



The softening slice of God will swirl inside birds

Ah, an eaten splice will ripen,

And, laid, lacing swanned Leda suffers broken

Backs and bedded tears



The world always dies in the afternoons, and words

Speak as written deaths go blind

And, lazed, a sea of swelled yelled eyes will swerve

Inside an outed scissored mind



Bled mitched boys itch for sand-joy, and cock nerve

Sends patterning penises to female sleep –

            O, may the dollies of dimes drink deep

                                    Coiled meat.



As cold coiled spooled slain devs dig fished veins, then

Vast vamped sex stains suck peacock mirrors

O, when once schooled strained kids cry for fathers

Then blading balding sea stains suck cocked lives



I will sunder me, o, I will cover me as wool wives

Weep and widen for

Coaxed sex wars, and iced sylvan sluices will ride

            Inside .


Sss, I will study how to cry from the waters of the eye

Sss, I will study just how lies lead sex into its dives

And, laid and lashwide, a body of beakers will drive

Deep, deep down,


            Ideal feelers feel for ringed wet fingers


                        Ashen routed rubrics raid ringers

And guilty God gives in to

            Bled borne birds..








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