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sea of heels

Date Written: September 13, 2017

As a lover of the lame sucks limitless wheels

Then, boned, a sea of veins pierces cochineal

And, lo, where once soft stone hammers, then Christ

Feeds his cross to a sea of heels


The masks of the mad seem wide in the dark, and

Vaulted sunrises cry for a lunar park, and sad gangs



And I will summon a ribbing lover from veils

And I will jack cold killing fathers, and sex sails

Will enshroud dolls inside carmine killer grails



As a lover of the lame suckles soft swards, then

Men and slain folks feed off endless old children





O, and I will jack my mental room

Lo, and I will woo love’s menstrual tune,



As dazzling daisy gals give gas to wounds

Then, ah, I will jack my father’s tomb



When once eaten rivers die, then a kiss




I will idolise fainted fathers, and men of rhyme

Will wed wives to daughters

Ssss   as hot whirred forgivers hire cold wine

Then bled blown bowers must feed a mind


          Old idiot seagulls cry where seas grind


And asses in a salt town will drown as times




As molten feet suffer hot sleep, then bad boys chime

O, as molten wheat hires false meat, then minds

Carry weddings to cold divorcing paradigms, and

Pealed pig men cry


          Essays in lying lead love to a forgotten sky

And skin dies.



Ah,I have overheard the numbers of the summer birds

Sss, I have understood that thunder plucks iced birds

And, lo, as a vaginal mate dons winged words, then men

Must die for flown cropped nerve



As an inward seeking saviour saves this word, then

Blue bursted boys must summon love from chidden

Vast children

And, lo, when once kids creep then, slain, spun hens

Crack -..

          Eggs in cemeteries seem nice once boiled

          And blown yolks hear wound whites

                   Sailed outside our good world.



Knighted babies break,

Lo, as flighted rubies shake, then old blue lakes

Carry gods to rape


Knighted babies bleat,

Oo, as rended knifers bake cut snakes, then

Bad beating love’s sheet

Sleeps inside dreamt sashed wheat

          And trammelling fathers find the deep

                   Dragging distant fathered

                   City corbans


          Coded kissing rings clad cold England

          Olden ashen swings clad kids in Ireland

And, opening, scotland and wales will summon

                   Gods where drink swirls,-


          Odes to emptiness ease drips where

          Self leaps from god’s chair,



Ideal eyes get lost in a blinded maze

Oo ideal minds get lost

And, la, as elemental loss hears love

Climbing like the cross

Then a sidling sun of days drags gods




When once pealed pylons split, then

Dolled dames electrocute

Burned river men

And, sealed in fire, a sea of women

Cries, cries



Ideal eyes get lost inside a grave

And, slaved, a sea of loss hears glades



Entities of meadows taunt trees

And waxen bee men gather swung

Autumnal honey dreams


                   Coded to the last, bumbling dung

Smells like a dead Hero,

And goddess aches



I will taunt the rise of the killed and dead

O, I will haunt dead lives

And, when once a sea dives, then sex heads

Will summon biers from holy water



I will taunt god, and, lo, whence slaughter

Rides from fathers, then a tree of mortars will

Send gulls to slain oars


I will stand as I fall

I will hang as my mind’s moll hears stalls

Flailing –

          Coded kin in keen faces cries for lovers

                   And mad men mill jacked fathers

And death seems alone now.



O as cagey cattle carry cows to water, then

Blind fond rivers bend

O, as cagey cattle marry hides to fathers then

Inward animals must summon

Bulls and men



I will study sexy death as ewes inside hens

Wed sows to boars

And, lain, laden whores must marry wards

And I will lay down where mental birds

Shut kids in asylums


          A lover in a lake drowns where

          Mashing masked towns tear prayer,

And, lo, as bad blind big wrens ensnare

          Hinds and heels

Then sawn saved swans suck Leda’s 

wing of wheels


          Dizzy dolled soap washes the Father?



O, as eagles play with seagulls, then a jacking lover

Weds Leda to jumping mothers

Sss  as regals play with slain skulls, then stoned fathers

Dance, dance



I have suffered dead sex, and, liced, a sea of sex smothers

Dance oaths-

And, slaved, a tree of chance teeters when

Olden issuing willow men axe a copse made from lovers.


Old cold sparrows in meadows feed fish to hens, and I

Advance when coded coda fish feed kids to a lens

And, caged, the entire human world hears a den made

Lithe as a lion in a sea of jade



Cold cast offs will seem cast away inside a blue grave

And, kissed, parrots in a scream

Widen and widen


          And an underpass under frozen glass

                   Drinks snow and rain.


jed 2017





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