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unkind 2 (after The End)

Date Written: October 6, 2017



The Mindist, he awoke before the dawn and then he rode the narrow thoughts of gloom

And then he rode the halls of wicked Spain

And then he looked around

And he killed god's son…


This is my mind, do not be unkind This is my mind, this you will find…

I said: 'Jesus, You are crucified one billion times You must go blind!

And ev'ry word I've said is sane. No need to fear the flailing brain.

There is no vacant room here for christ's feinted reign

No woman here might purge my pain.

& I'll never see into the eyes of the untamed…..

Lost in the mind, with things we cannot feel, and all the things we do must break on through:

All the things we do must break on through (Why hear the shallow schemes men prove?)

Can you see what god has done by blotting out the midday sun?

A snakehead is calling us, a snakehead is calling us!!!!!!!!!!

My mind is filled with strange refrains No need to say sad words again,

Medusa, where you taking us?

No safety nor surprise again. The words I speak are taught by men

Who reign on stars estranged from earth by their yellow scars of birth.

Athena rides the thoughts we played when we was very young

& the moon is white and far away (No need for dreams that do not pay?!)

This Paraclete is untouched by Medusa's foreplay.

No safety or surprise again?

I'll never see into your serpent eyes again.


No need to know the words men say nor hold our hands in strange display…

The world still spins, from Day-to-Day.



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