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Date Written: October 12, 2017

as men are shot then women rot
o-  my head swirls as children cut
eyes and fists
cold men get shot as men are
cut from veins and kissed
sex shops
and soapy saviours suck hot
careering sexslop
as men must rot then kids slot
coins in penile cars
and my body blinds me as cots
cry for dead Mars
 A sea of skies slices hot
canny furs
and cats kiss crags
and men and foes feed curved
A whore on a roof snaps stags
and menfolk dream of
fallowing felines
and me and love sleep for
god and canines
  And i am given to god as
God collides with war
and we must put an end to war.
– as eyelids close, then a blind claw
cuts cunts and sexwar
I will see men swim the sun. and
kids will clutch chicks
and men must shoot chickens
and goatmen must kiss lichen
   as hot streets end then
blue rags go down on five seasons
and ladies lead loss to a town as women
feed lips to glossing gold children
 My God will run dry
 My Lord will not cry
and angelling apes eat dating lives
and me and mass meld with knives
 And low are the teacher's knives
i race for razoring riders as cold lives
lead cunts to lizardmen
and ghosts grasp grass as glad wives
home, where once the moon dazzles
milky eyes.
and animas run for sexdrives as
wasps weave woollen beehived arsed
hilltoppling wed skies
   Lies lay land
   Land lays cannes
and snaking lakes talk for incarnate
and beads break up as bees sting
racing sexsleeves
 a mind must end, o   a sea of suds will
feed hairs to public rainbowed
healing sexkilled dogdreams
 And i am dogdayed as fish spill
caverning bluecastles, and salt sex fills
  timbering rivers raid roman fields
eyes sight meadows
snappering sexwidows widen up where once
sexmeal slices soapy dun widows
and i am bled -.
  O, massive men feel for runts
and wagging beards weave wovles from cunt
  Baby rubies don babies
  Lady Mummy dons rubies
and hot cavers kill razors
   And hollowed men are
stuffed with straws…

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