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Premeditated Expressions of Like & Love

Date Written: October 16, 2017

Work hard. 
 Be kind. 
 Grow into the best version of yourself — 
 Become what you were created to be. 
 Love. Forgive. Help. 
  Let your soul be rescued — 
  Dragged from the wretched, raging, ravaging world, 
  Escaping the stench of self-regard, pride, cruelty, spite.

Let hate disintegrate — 
 Like rotting clothes; 
 Reach for the elusive good. 
 Release the effusive bad.

Be tender to the damaged. 
 Hug those who hurt. 
 Heal the hearts of wounded souls. 
 Reconcile fractured family factions.

Leave behind a debris field of buoyant gifts: 
 Uplifting thoughts. 
 Honeyed memories. 
 Fond fables —

Lovingly left 
 For angelic-faced innocents, 
 Launching their journey (head-first) 
 Into life’s turbulent waves & jagged seas.

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