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Date Written: September 13, 2017

Solomon said, "The commandment  is a lamp.

The law a light, and instruction a way of life."


Yet wisdom in the scriptures speak.

To a darkened world and the gnashing of teeth.

Is there no peace, no place of retreat?


The cosmos the wise men say.

Is based on a confusion of fate.

A misunderstanding of love and hate.


Justice is blind and karma a fake.

Life itself is just one big wake.

The state of affairs, another mistake.


Life is death as night follows day,  as

Heaven and hell, like heads or tails,  as

All are but single sides to a given coin.

Inseparable and inevitable, seek and ye shall find.


As past is presently to be;  be here now and look around.

Then pray, pray dearly for thyself, and one another.

Pray for guidance, for insight, and understanding.

Into all things and each other.  Such is wisdom.


                                    By  JLS

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