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Chasing Bubbles

Date Written: September 27, 2017

Clear, shiny bubbles of joy

Catching prisms of colourful light

Dancing in my beaming face

Gently blowing 
against the soft wind formed 
by the pursing of my full lips

Girly giggles 

like a 2 year old 
coming out of nowhere
asking for nothing, 
yet giving nothing but pure love and joy
and this precious moment 

Everything stands still ………………

And joy, love and peace remains …….xo

2 comments on “Chasing Bubbles”

  1. jhaerb     October 8, 2017

    beautiful child memories. i love it.

  2. Joeys Wonder Girl     October 11, 2017

    Cool, thnx sooo much!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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