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Love’s Madness

Date Written: October 4, 2017

Baby, baby I felt your sadness
You went a bit cray-cray, I even felt your madness!

I'm flying away for a week can't you see?
I have duties and obligations to my dear family

All day and all night my heart aching with sorrow
Feeling helpless, nothing I can do till the 'morrow

You're so far away but please know this
I feel all of you, nothing goes amiss

With hand on my heart I send Light out to you
I do this whenever I feel you are blue

Help me help you by being my strong, patient rock
Then you will see me happily twirling in my floral frock

Yes! I loved us making mad passionate love!
We will again once the stars align from above!

I love you, I'm yours, your partner in crime
Lovingly sentenced to forever in time

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