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Date Written: September 18, 2017

When the world sleeps the fairyfolk awaken to frolic in the meadow, dell and dingle, while spirits feast on morning dew and essence of rainbow.  Pixies and elves wage war with swords fashioned from blades of grass.  Hobgobblins dance a polka in the toadstool fields where a fairy princess kisses frogs searching for her prince charming.  When the world sleeps enchanted forests are golden, silver or myriad shades of pink.  Skies are azure or an inky black and the clouds marshmellows on which chubby cherubim delight while little Pan blows his pipe.  Weary old King Arthur shakes his bones to the ancient song of the Welsh harp and epic poems about trees and tumbling waterfalls.  The Sandman fills egg-timers to sell to Humpty Dumpty and the nice man in the moon.

One comment on “WHEN THE WORLD SLEEPS.”

  1. John Critchley     September 18, 2017

    I like a bit of fantasy.

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