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Date Written: September 21, 2017

I watched a man once making rope
Beginning with such fragile threads
I thought they all must fly away
In tatters, pieces, bits, and shreds

And at one end a bit of weight
To hold the single strands all straight
Each single thread held with its mate
And in a bit of tension

On the other end were three small hooks
That held three loops of the thinner twine
The hooks were twisted by a wheel
And guided as the strands entwined

Round and round the threads would circle
Twisted in a sort of braid
Then those three cords would in their fashion
Join with the others as they were laid

The twisted spirals held by tension
The turning wheel adding still more
Round and round in tight convention
Shorter and thicker at the core.

Until at last the fibers settled
The ends were wrapped then cut away
A unity from different sources
Lord keep me tightly wrapped today.

John Haigis 6/21/16

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