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Victoria’s Cage

Date Written: September 30, 2017

Dancing On The Moon
Tied To Her Illusions
I Played The Vampire's Muse
Whipping Boy For Trinkets
Pottage By The Beach
Plotting, Scheming, Glowing
Her Death Glaze Held Me Deep
Lie's And Lust's Illusion
Nothing Here Is Real
I Can't Seem To Remember The Way I Used To Feel
Gone But Not Forgotten
 The Man I Used To Be
A Portrait Of Confusion
The Fog Encompassed Me
Broke Down
Dissected For A Crown
Her Crimes They Know No Limits
Vanity Unsound
Made To Walk Alone
Celestial Whispers Waken
The Son Surrounding Me
Mephistopheles In Motion
Releasing Of Her Beast
Ancient  Whore Enraptured
Drunk On Hate And Greed
She's Risen And On Fire
She Tweaked Her Rouse On Me
Machiavellian Thunder
Mask Of Sanity 
Her Course Is Now Upon Us
The Cure And The Disease
Can't Quite See The Forest
Through All This Dirt And Sleaze
The Times They Are A Changing
Saint Be Bright And Brave
Proceed With Ancient Caution
The Victory Will Proceed
The Birth Pangs Of Forever
Apocalyptic Dawn
The Blood Moon Is Now Fading 
Her Kingdom Built Of Lies
Will Rise And Reign And Be Replaced
By  The Ancient Lord Of Days
But For A Time In Purple
The Martyr's Cross Will Bear
Red And Ripe In Motion
The Prisoners Will Despair
I Never Was Her Victim
It Was My Course To Take
Veered By Cosmic Son-ship
And Then Blessed To Escape
She's Still Ripe And Raging
A Jezebel Undone
And Me, I Have Awakened
The Watchman Of The Son
So Heed My Words
And Watch The Signs
The Vine Is Ripe And Ready
Soldiers Of Forever
Yahweh's In The Heather
No Matter What The Weather Brings
Peace Will Rule And Reign
Freedom Comes From Deep Inside
It Covers Mortal Pain
Paradise Is Waiting
Nirvana Ours To Take
This Broken Road Will Lead Us Home
So Rest, And Pray And Wait
This Is Beauty Magnified
This Honor Is Our Fate
Refined By Fire
And Shaped In Wrath
Forever And A Day

One comment on “Victoria’s Cage”

  1. Anonyma Magnifique     September 30, 2017

    …an intensely cascading writing piece…should draw attention upon its release…!! šŸ™‚

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