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What Happened To Us?

Date Written: September 26, 2017

I ask this everytime I scroll through the pictures and 
see how happy we used to make eachother. 
I look at these smiling pictures of my sisters, and my brother♥. 
Back then in my memory is the time that I'd like to stay.
But i guess time changes all and egos get in the way. 
We all grew up,
no time for play. 
Personalities clash and patience runs aground.
I cant even recognize the close family I'd found. 
We've all paired off, the union is broken. 
This restricts our tensions from ever being spoken. 
Most times I blame myself, for cutting us in half.
For losing those smiles, and killing the laughs. 
Things can change so much in a year, will I have to one day attend lunch with the fear, 
that I will see you and have to stare at the ground.
I'd really like to meet again those great people that I once found.

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