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Date Written: September 9, 2017

I kept wishing on stars the outcome of my future

What would it be like to know tomorrow

I kept on bragging about things I could’ve done

Things I would’ve but I’m just no one

So I walked on the footsteps of a thousand souls

Trying to find mine with the Grim Reaper

Then I stumbled upon yours a coincidence much like any other

Yet I feel like we were ordained

Like the stars were set into the right alignment

That it has become akin to a dream of fate

And as I walked past by your spirit it didn’t match mine

I was too sad to walk away so I managed without a soul

Soulless to say I’m rightfully yours forever and more.






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2 comments on “Soulless”

  1. comnpkpillai     September 9, 2017

    Stumbled upon by a dream of fate but the real fate became different , love became un matched and manage without soul. A good explanation of real state of love with in and at the same cope for the out side world.

  2. comnpkpillai     September 9, 2017

    Fair poem

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