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Date Written: September 20, 2017

Reliving these memories from so long ago

Remember the tragities, I can't let them go

They're brewing inside me, growing stronger with time

It just makes no sense to me, no rhythem nor rhyme

Recounting the brusise you gave me that day

Recalling the pain and I won't let it fade

So call me pathetic, yes my method's absurd

I have to remember or my voice won't be heard

Resent me you may but know it wasn't my choice

When I close my eyes, I hear a cruel voice

Reminding me that my life is nothing but pain

Telling me you won't change and worse, you won't pay

I try to forget but the voice will not let me

Retracing the scars, embracing the sympathy

Recarving the scratch making it a gaping wound

I'm scared

But I

Am the only one in the room

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