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Just A Man

Date Written: September 19, 2017

A man stood on the cold side walk watching the people pass,
A man tall and thin.
White hair and a white beard
Torn clothes and no shoes
But he held his head high
He had the biggest smile
And a twinkle in his eyes,
I smiled to the man
And he reached out his hand
He told me to take his hand,
So he could show me what no one can see.
I took the mans hand
He said do you see that lady over there?
The one with the perfect hair and the perfect smile
The one with the perfect clothes
She sits alone
Everyday by herself.
She has no friends no family
She has all the money in the world
But money doesnt buy her love or happiness
She is mean and miserable.
Do you see that teenage boy?
He is only 17
He is a father with a son
The love of his life left him
With the baby because she wanted to party
But yet he still smiles
And you see me?
I have money but I have no family
I have a house on a beach
But I have no wife.
That lady that sits over there was my wife
That boy over there is my son
And yet I talk to neither of them
Ive tryed but they turn there noses up at me
They don't realize I am the old husband
And the boy doeant recognize his own father
For you see
I once was foolish
I payed no mind to my own family
They think I don't care
But they dont know im
Watching over them everyday.









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