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The Rare One’s

Date Written: September 19, 2017

Hot cup of tea, ready for bed.

Phone ring's, not much is said.

"I'm on my way"


Then it ends.

A brief knock on the locked door.

"It's me"

We never usually have many words, but that's how we both know.

There's so much to be said.

Friends, they're the ones we need; when we need no one.

The ones you lean upon, when you have no shoes and the gravel is poking at your toes.

Their the "Rare One's"  the ones we can't live with, and the one's we can't live without…

They're the ones who you could run away with..

Travel with ; They're the ones you live life with.

The one's that fill your lungs up with a breath of  fresh air.

Love Never Fails

You're a Rare One My Dear.

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